Suitable for photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, stylists etc..

£170 a month

Get in touch if you're interested or would like to know more details.

Advantages for renting at Workflow
You get full use of the photographic studio for FREE on unpaid personal work and 80% discount on paid work.
Benefit from 24/7 access to the studio.
Working alongside other professional photographers, sharing ideas and information.
Located in central Brighton.
Natural light.
Free parking.
A professional environment to meet clients.




Photographic Studio

Room Size:
23' x 20' (apex 13')

Ceiling height over 4 meters.

£50 quarter day (2hrs)
£80 per half day (4hrs)
£130 per full day (8hrs)

Studio lighting


Bowens Gemini flash heads £10 per light including stand (6 available)

Soft boxes, various sizes available £10 each. 

Umbrellas £5 each.

Beauty dish £10.

Tripod £15.

All prices are per day. We do not charge VAT.

White and black back drops available.

Technical Assistance £25 per hour.

Workflow Studio
Rodhus Studios (back entrance)
Freehold Terrace


To find out more or to book some time at Workflow.

please contact ever:

Neal 0798954148

Luca 07866624346

William 07931 385 781

or email:

range of in-house facilities for people working in photography. The studio is also suitable for desk-based workers from other sectors such as design, illustration and publishing..